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AMC Overseas Shipping
Pte Ltd

Trading With Confidence

We operate with a true sense of responsibility. This means not only protecting our business interest but fare more the interest of our Investors and Partners. We look after communities and the environment wherever we are active. Our forward looking actions do add up and make a difference.

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About Us

We are fully owned by Mr. James Khanchandani, a Singaporean National, residing in
Dubai, Singapore and Jakarta. Mr. James Khanchandani possess deep market
knowledge in the commodity field. Whether it is from incorporating a mining company,
a successful transformation from a greenfield operation to a successful operation. Mr.
Khanchandani operated several successful companies and is very well known in the
Indonesian Market. His exposure in the domestic IT Industry through PT Mindwave
Solution is also significant.
Before operating AMC, he served as a Business Development Manager from 2009 -
2014 for PT Classic ExportIndo with established clients in India, Taiwan and Indonesia

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AMC Overseas Shipping is the leading growth partner for fast moving consumer goods companies in Asia. Our experts provide a range of Market Expansion Services across the value chain, ranging from importation and customs clearance to marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, field merchandising and promoter services, and other value added services.


AMC Coal business is a franchise of consisting of balanced portfolio of
trading, marketing and supply chain management services. The long term
relationships and partnerships help to sustain this business very successfully. 100% of
our activities are carried out in Indonesia. Butane Gas and Propane Gas are other fields
we do trade in. Mostly due to our relationship we do carry out high sea trading.


Due to our close relationship with PT Mindwave Solution, which is the leader in
Distribution of IT Hardware for the domestic Financial Sector. The Digital
Transformation in the IT Sector in Indonesia drives the requirement for IT Equipment
significantly higher. We source Hardware from Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA and


Due to our contacts within the Industry and our constant requirement of
Shipping services, we have developed excellent relationships. We support shipping
companies with their requirements for spare parts and we introduce them to counter
parties we deal with. This symbioses helps us to create a fruitful relationship with
Shipping Companies within South East Asia and India.


Manganese and other deoxidiser are further materials we trade in. We are also
engaged in Nickel mining in Indonesia and we are very close to take our own mine
operational within the next 12 months. We mostly source all Metal related trades in
Singapore or the United States of America.

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Geographical Reach

We operate directly and indirectly in the following countries :
UAE - Singapore - Indonesia - Hong Kong - India - UK

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